Sivaji Gallery

Rajnikant-starrer mega-budget movie ‘Sivaji – The Boss’ has raked in Rs 60 lakhs on its opening day in Malaysia, setting a new record in the Tamil film industry in this country.

The highest takings ever on Thursday night of 560,000 ringit (Rs 60 lakh) was due to the overwhelming demand, V Paari, the Chairman of the movie distributor ‘Pyramid Saimira Theatre Chain’ said.

Sivaji broke the previous record of 300,000 ringit for the Tamil film ‘Jeans’ starring Prashanth and Aishwarya Rai in 1997.

AVM production’s latest venture ‘Sivaji’ made at a whopping $15 million budget opened in 40 theatres in Malaysia on the opening day and 53 theatres from Saturday.

Bollywood film director Sharad Sharan, who is currently making Malay language movies in collaboration with Malaysia’s Astro-Shaw here, said he had gone to see the film but was disappointed to see that it had no sub-titles, either in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

Most foreign language films released in this country have subtitles in both these languages to help the ethnic Indians and Chinese people to follow the movie and also the Malays who love Indian films.

The movie has been playing to full houses.