Ad slots

Ad slots

Chennai365 is among the top entertainment site focusing on Tamil film industry and news & updates related to Chennai. The site attracts close to 500,000 page views every month (source: Google Analytics).

How to Advertise?

Listed are the available slots in our website, please select the one or more you need and let us know. If you are looking for a long term slots than listed in here please contact us

Available ad slots – website:

  1. 960 (0r) 728—90 Leaderboard
  2. 336—280 Large Rectangle
  3. 468—60 Banner
  4. 125—125 Button
  5. 300—250 Medium Rectangle
  6. 160—600 Wide Skyscraper
  7. 120—600 Skyscraper
  8. Text Ads (up to 5 words max / link)

Ad Requirements & Guidelines:

  • You can submit ads in either JPG, GIF, Flash or HTML formats.
  • Ads may not contain nudity or content that is not family safe.
  • The maximum file size of an image or HTML ad should not be more than 50kb.
  • Expanding Flash adverts must be user-initiated by mouse over or click.
  • Text link ads are listed on all the pages in the sidebar, except our homepage.
  • All audio must be user-initiated with “mute” and “stop” functionality.
  • Ad placement locations shown in the picture are only approximate. Actual placement location can change due to editorial content length.
Rate Card
Ad Unit1 week1 Month3 Months
1. 960 (or) 728—90 Leaderboard$150$450$900
2. 336—280 Large Rectangle$100$300$600
3. 468—60 Banner$75$225$450
4. 125 x 125 Button$50$150$300
5. 300—250 Medium Rectangle$40$120$240
6. 160—600 Wide Skyscraper$50$150$300
7. 120—600 Skyscraper$50$150$300
8. Text Links (up to 5 words max/link)$20$60$120

*All prices are in USD.

If you have a special requirement please contact us and we will guide you through.