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The writer and Poet Kanimozhi who participated in the Tamilnadu Mutpooku Writers Association conducted function has conveyed her negative views about the movie Sivaji. It’s not even a month since the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi who gave the bravery sword and crowned Rajni and appreciated at the Chandramuki’s Success Function. In a fraction of days from then, his daughter Kanimozhi has come out with negative sense about the movie Sivaji, this has turned everyone’s attention.

What has Kanimozhi told about this?

Todays world has started working towards destroying the nature and tradition of tamilians and pluck them from their roots. Sivaji the movie is a perfect example of this. They proudly say that Black color is the color of Tamilians in the beginning of the movie. But, after some scenes have gone, the mark is , why they go in search of Fair & Lovely to Remove the Black Color which they himself told its a Tamilians colour. Is it really Fair on there part?

What was so embarrassing was that, they made use of our respective Tamil Professor (Soloman Poppaiya) to act in a scene as if he is criticizing and addressing Tamil Womans, that is name containing proper grammar and as well typical Tamil womens who’s appearance are Black, while Kanimozhi went in depth and was keep on speaking with involvement about this issue, the crowd who gathered started applauding.

Since the poet and writer has got an additional responsibility as an M.P, the whole Tamil film industry has turned their attentions towards this complicated issue.