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Sivaji , from the stable of AVM Production, has managed to find a place in the UK’s Top Ten box-office list for this weekend. The movie is among the elite Hollywood productions like Fantastic Four 2, Ocean Thirteen, and Pirates of Caribbean 3 in the list.

Sivaji released on 15 June globally has been witnessing surging crowds. Even in countries like USA, Middle East, Canada and Australia, the much anticipated movie has generated huge interest and revenue. Breaking into the top ten in UK’s BO list is one more feather as records seem to tumble one after another. The movie, directed by Shankar, features Shriya opposite Rajnikanth. The who’s who of Tamil cinema including music composer A R Rahman, cinematographer K V Anand and costume designer Manish Malhotra are the other big names. Sivaji, happening to be Rajnikanth’s 100th direct film in Tamil adds to the excitement. Source: newstoday