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Every film of actor Rajinikanth has one of those punchlines delivered by him in the inimitable superstar-style.

In fact the film punch dialogues become the showcase of the film and are remembered forever.

The punch dialogues are carefully scripted behind the scenes to match the super star’s image. And his new film, Sivaji that has his fans raging about cannot remain an exception.

Director and scriptwriter P Vasu who scripted the super star’s last hit Chandramukhi says that the writer can come up with the lines, but it’s Rajinikanth’s delivery that gives it an impact.

“We can come up with the lines but when the superstar says it, the lines become alive,” says Vasu.

And the punchlines often have a message. In 1998, super hit film Padayappa, a one-liner condemned the anger of a woman. It was seen as a message to Jayalalithaa with whom Rajinikanth had a face-off in the 90’s.

Director S P Muthuraman who introduced Rajinikanth as a hero says that from the beginning the punch lines were designed to project a reel life image, matching with the superstar’s real life image.

Says Muthuraman, “In Murattu Kalai there was song designed for Rajinikanth because we knew it would be received well by his fans.”

And in the subsequent journey to super stardom, Rajinikanth has carried his style and his punchlines guaranteeing an electric presence every time he blazes the silver screen.
Source: IBNLive