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RK’s “Vaanga Sappidalam!” Come savour the flavours of the authentic cuisines perfected by the best cullinary experts from accross the world only at VIP Access Club.

Bookmark 25th Oct 2009, at it is a red letter day for food enthusiasts when VIP Access Club launches its first ever multi cuisine veg and non veg restaurant with in its premises.

To add more clicks and fun to this launch, the restaurant inaugurated by none other than the comedy king Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu.

Be there to experience the finest, richest, tastiest gourmet cusine with your family, friends, colleagues or business associates. Bamber your taste buds and thrill your senses and feel at ease at this sparkling, ambience, right at the heart of the City bringing the best of South Indian, North India Tandoori,Chat, Chettinadu, Andhra, Kerala, Chinese cuisines and devour the delectable spread of Desserts.

There something to cater to everyone’s taste buds, whether you are a food connoisseur the foodie, a food buff or just a plain food lover. Come and try this unique coming together of five star class and comfort with the higene and self quotient of home food all at one court.