Eight-year-old Raja Monsingh, who has just released his first book, Pizza, Paisa, Peace, a child’s perspective on how to acquire everything a person could need in the world. And as India’s youngest author so far, Monsingh has strong words for the vices in the world.

About three feet tall, Monsingh comes across as an unusual child. He does not believe in God, thinks religion creates fear and pre-marital relationships result in Aids. With such strong views, he sets about to explain them. About God, he says, “There is no such being called God. It was created to make us afraid, so that if we are undisciplined, it can be said that our actions are always being watched.”

Raja is like any other child who loves to fiddle around with the TV remote and is crazy about cartoon films, but unlike other children his age, this Class II student is already an author, perhaps the youngest in India.

And this is what he chose to base his first book on. “Ideas and some funny pictures and also some cartoons,” says Raja.

But that’s not all in Pizza, Paisa and Peace, Raja also gives his views on serious issues like marriage and value systems.

It’s not just books, Raja is also good at painting and piano but it was his musings that got everyone hooked. And his Psychiatrist mom thought it a good idea to encourage her philosophical son to write a book on his ramblings.

“He started to speak in full sentences when he was three and he always spoke like a philosopher,” says Raja’s mother Subha Charles.

A simple book with simple fundas of an eight-year-old. It might not be educative or informative but it might just be a way to see the world through the eyes of a child. Source: CNN-IBN