Cinematographer – director Jeeva is known for weaving a visual magic in his movies. He has a penchant for youthful entertainers with his lens capturing the sequences in a delightful manner.

Amidst the contemporary cliched ‘masala’ entertainers, few directors like Jeeva stand out for coming up with ‘out of the box’ themes. Unnale Unnale is one such typical Jeeva film where his camera does all the talking.

The lead characters are on the job without any fuss. Newcomers Vinay and Tanisha (Kajol’s sister) besides Sadha have played their part well. They are ably supported by Raju Sundaram, Sreenath and others. But the real hero is Harris Jeyaraj. His songs strike an instant chord with the heart, so aesthetically captured by the lens of Jeeva.

Tired of watching the dry and barren lands of villages in recent Tamil films, it is a summer relief to watch the entire movie unfold in the picturesque Melbourne. The feel-good film reminds one of the Bollywood movies where such urban-centric and youthful movies are the order of the day.

Karthik (Vinay), an engineer is a happy go-lucky youngster. A city-groomed youth, Karthik takes up a job in Melbourne. He gets acquainted with Deepika (Tanisha) on the flight to Down Under. He comes across his ex-lover Jhansi (Sadha) and fate has it that Deepika is compelled to stay with Jhansi.

Karthik tries desperately to renew his relationship with Jhansi but the lady has other ideas. The issue gets tricky when Deepika falls in love with Karthik. Is Karthik able to convince Jhansi is what the interesting climax holds for the audience.

Vinay is a cool dude. He is good looking and sticks to the basics in not getting carried away. Tanisha, reminding one of Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, is bubbling with enthusiasm. Sadha as an egoistic lover walks away with honours. She has made the most of the opportunity, coming up with the right expressions.

Jeeva has used the canvas to convey that love is not just about sharing and caring but understanding each other well. That is the bottomline, the director says with utmost conviction.

A sugar candy in summer. The price is well worth it.