‘Bandits’ attack on Vijay TV’s Boys VS Girls

After many entertaining competitive rounds in Vijay TV’s Aachi Boys VS Girls Season 2 show, the girls hold the upper hand and are ahead of the boys in this season. The dance gender war is reaching its semi-finals this week.

The teams disguise as highway robbers and bandits and are ready to steal viewers’ hearts with their performances.

First time ever such a theme has been attempted and executed in any Tamil reality show. To suit the Bandit theme, the sets of Boys VS Girls are also customized. The robbers are ready to steal points from each other. Boys and Girls would be dressed as cow boys, highway thieves, bandits and outlaws. Being the semi-finals, both the teams are to work hard and many turning-points are expected to take place in the ‘highway robbery performance’.

The Judges – Meena and Shyam would decide after seeing the unique performances of the robbers, as to who would make the great loot and lead the way to the finals? – Boys or the Girls?

Watch the semi-finals performance this week on Aachi Boys VS Girls Season 2, Friday & Saturday, December 11 & 12, 2009 at 8pm on Vijay TV.