Illayathalapathy Vijay is planning to remakeMalayalam actor Mohanlal’s super hit movie ‘Chota Mumbai’.The film was a big hit in mallywood. The film which was released on April 7 is to become one of the best comedies ever done by the star and also to hit the box office records. Other films released are trying hard to catch up with the film. Bhavana plays the heroine in this film.

Chota Mumbai is the story about a gang of freewheeling youngsters, living in a colony near Fort Kochi, dubbed Chota Mumbai. The gang, lead by Vasco da Gama (Mohanlal), also include Padakkam Basheer (Jagathy Sreekumar), Chandrappan (Siddique), Tommichan (Indrajith), Sainu (Manikuttan) and Susheelan (Biju kuttan). Vasco is fondly called Thala by his gang. Vascos father, Michael Asan (Sai Kumar), a well known wrestler, named his after the great sailor hoping that he will also become famous one day.

Without the knowledge of his father, Vasco collateralize his house in order to raise fund for getting Visa to Singapore for him and his friends. But the Visa guy turned out fraud and they lost all the money. The Bank threatens them to pay back their dues or risk losing the house. Vasco was unable to pay back and bank take over the custody of his house and his sister’s marriage gets cancelled and this leads to a drift between Vasco and his father, who where like buddies until then.

Meanwhile there is not so prominent romance angle between Vasco and Latha (Bhavana), also called Parakkum Latha, an auto-driver. Vasco, his father and Latha witness the murder of a police officer (Vijayaraghavan), committed by the brother of C.I Nateshan (Kalabhavan Mani), a corrupted police officer. Thus the gang finds themselves in the firing line of Nateshan. Even though they are no match for Nateshan who is the worst criminal in the city, they retaliate, with disastrous consequences, thus leading to a thrilling climax.

Anwar Rasheed who created magic with Mammootty in Rajamanikyamà was under real pressure to deliver, as he had to live up to great expectations that his first film created. As he is working with the king of comedy, Mohanlal, people will naturally be curious how both are going to fare together. But Anwar came out with flying colours.

There is never a moment where you feel the film is lagging when it comes to that, Anwar is one notch better than other directors and a large part of his success can be attributed to his this ability to narrate a story at an allegro tempo. The screen-writer, Benny P Nayarambalam, also deserve lot of praise for it. The makers have taken great care not to let any emotional track get in the way of this fast-paced joy ride.

This film is by far Mohanlals best comedy in recent times. But the director has given enough space for others to shine as well. Among others Bijukuttan was the best. Bhavana as Parakkum Latha had nothing much to do. Saikumar once again proved that he is at home, whatever the character he has to portray. Kalabhavan Mani once again proves that, when it comes to playing the villain, there is none to beat him.

The music goes well with the film but background music was a let down. Camera work by Azhakappan and editing by Donmax has complemented with the films overall outcome.