Actress Sneha awaits the release of her movies Naan Avanillai and Pallikoodam.  Both Naan Avanillai and Pallikoodam movies are said to have different screenplays.

In the movie Thiruttu Payaley fame Jeevan plays the dominant role. The audio of this movie is to be released on 6 th April, 2007. Selvah directs the movie. Vijay Anthony scores music. This is one of the first times that Sneha has accepted a role in a film with four other heroines.

In the movie Pallikoodam, she stars opposite Chithirrem Pesuthadi fame Narain. She plays the role of a teacher. In the movie Naan Avanillai  she plays the female lead along with four other heroines, Namitha, Malavika, Jyothirmayi and Keerthi Chawla.