After sucessful run as the director and his venture into acting, Sundar C is back to doing what he is best at. Both!! Nagaram movie is directed by Sundar C and he also dons the role of the hero. The movie is produced by his wife Kushboo Sundar.

The movie opens with Gate Selvam(Sundar C) fighting for his life in a hospital. In a series of flash back its revealed that was a crimial who served jail time and was released due to his good behavior by Inspector Sakkarapandi(Bose Venkat).

Selvam now wants to lead a life which is peaceful and free of crime. He gets a job in the port on recommendation by his friend Sakkarapandi. He falls in love with Anuya who is a junior dancer in films.

Unknown to him Sakkarapandi has been using him to trasport illegal drugs in the port. Sakkarapandi also is in the bad books of Bhai who is out to kill him. Selvam helps Sakkarapandi until he realizes the double game.

Does he die for wanting a crime free life? This question forms the climax of the movie.

Sundar C walks away with applause for both his direction and acting. Vadivelu as Sytle Pandi is given as much importance as Sundar C and does his job well. Good foot tapping numbers by Thaman.

On the whole Nagaram is a bit lengthy but worth a watch.

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