Cutting edge MBA programmes in Innovative Management, Innovative Technology and Hospitality at the British Institute of Technology and E-commerce (BITE) in London are to be offered to graduates of the University of Madras Institute of Distance Education at special rates.

BITE, which opened its regional office in India on IDE campus on Wednesday, is to reduce its annual fee from Rs.8.2 lakh to Rs.4.5 lakh. The partnership is one of a range of programmes developed alongside the UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI), launched in April 2006 by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

“Today’s world demands innovation. At BITE, Indian students will be able to acquaint themselves with new ways of learning in emerging areas such as artificial intelligence, forensics, nanotechnology and biotechnology,” said Madras University Vice Chancellor S. Ramachandran, who inaugurated the BITE regional office.

As is the case for all international students who graduate from any UK-listed university, students who successfully complete their studies at BITE will be eligible to work in Britain for a year under the UK government’s International Graduate Scheme.

“This opens a new door in relation to public-private partnerships. It in no way undermines the quality and diversity of Indian education but it is important for students to go out to understand the global world today,” said Dr. Muhammad Farmer, Director, BITE.

BITE was established in 2000 and awards 1,000 places each year, 40 per cent of which are usually filled by international students.