To know about this one should know the function of eyelids, tear secretion and passage. The tears are secreted from the lacrimal gland situated outer upper portion of the eye and spreads over the cornea equally by the movements of the upper lid and are brought to the inner side of the eye passes through the laccrimal sac nasolacrimal duct and opens into the lower end of the nose and drained. The eye blinks 12 to 15 times per minute.

Due to long exposure and less blinking in computer operators the cornea becomes dry. In dry eyes the secretion becomes less. The symptoms in both are eyestrain irritation, blurring of vision, occasional headache, and ropy discharge.

The computer operators must have the screen placed at proper distance and level so that glass wearers should feel comfortable. It is better to blink frequently and taking rest for 5 minutes in every ½ an hour. Relax by watching distant objects.

For dry eyes the lids should be examined by an specialist for any underlying causes, drugs usages, any burns and extended wear contact lens. If not treated properly the corneas will become dry and can cause damage to the cornea, which can lead loss of vision. It should be treated properly. The eye doctor will diagnose the dry eye by doing various special tests and treat accordingly either with artificial tears with cyclosporin eye drops or by surgical methods. The dry eye condition should not be neglected.

DR.L. Srinivasan.

Consultant Ophthalmologist and PAHCO Surgeon.

L.S. Eye Centre, Panruti.