Jodi fame director Parveen Kanth is back with his new venture Thullal. He plays the lead role and the heroines are Sowmika and Preethi Verma. Parveen plays a anti-hero role and his character is one of the interesting facets in the film. Recently, one song has been completed.

The story is about a youth an ordinary man with no exceptional qualities. He reaches a stage in life when he has to get married. He is confused about what kind of girl should be his life partner .The two heroines Gurlin and Sonika add up to the confusion. Whom does decide to marry forms the story of ` Thullal’ says the director turned hero. The film has Vivek, Seetha Parthipan, Manika Vinayakam, Sumithra, Uma Padmanabhan, Sukumari and Seethalakshmi in the cast. Music by Dhina, cinematography by Suresh Devan the film is produced by Krishnadev and Sekar.

The shooting of the movie is almost complete and it is ready to release soon, posssibly by the end of this month. After the release of this film, Parveen will direct two movies, one in Telugu Dhakshaini with Nagaarjuna and Vijayashanthi in July and another Tamil movie titled Mutha, in which he plays the lead.