The cold war between the South and Bollywood is not over yet.There is a major uproar in Bollywood and Kollywood, on who will inaugurate the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa in December.

This year IFFI, decided to call a South Indian film personality to preside over as the chief guest of the award function. But there has been differences here since somepeople suggested the name of the Hindi Veteran star Dharmendra and the others suggested the name of Superstar, Rajinikanth.Always when Indian movies are showcased it is Bollywood which dominates, while regional cinema is treated like poor country cousins. The south Indian film industry has written to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, not to let Bollywood dominate. They have also asked for more number of delegate passes at the festival.

Meanwhile the south Indian film industry is also putting pressure on a reluctant Rajnikanth to be the chief guest at IFFI in Goa.

If Rajnikant agrees to be the chief guest at the IFFI, then the girl carrying the plate to light the lamp to the Chief Guest at the inaugural ceremony will probably be a Bollywood star.