Rajini remakes hot property with southern stars

He’s a superstar who can always bank on his fans. And now other stars in the Tamil Film industry are banking on the Rajini factor for superstardom.

After the success of the Rajinikanth classic Billa in 2007 with actor Ajith in the lead, other stars too are hoping to cash in on the Rajini magic.

One of them is the superstar’s son-in-law Dhanush, who has named his film Polladhavan after an old Rajinikanth hit.

Even actor Vikram is said to be keen on remaking the old Rajini hits Moondru Mugam. And that’s not all.

“Murattukaalai is a movie that I’d like to be part of if ever it’s remade,” said actor Vijay.

Old Rajinikanth film titles have been registered with the Tamil Film Producer Council by producers who intend to remake them either on the lines of the original scripts or with changed storylines.

The list includes old hits like Thillu Mullu, Mullum Malarum and Moondru Mugam. So why this mad-rush for Rajni film titles?

“Everybody thought let’s capitalize on Rajinikanth’s fans for the initials days. So may persons have registered Rajini film titles. One or two of them are the original producers of the Rajini films. All other producers they’ve taken the title. They may do some other story for it,” says Anbalaya Prabhakaran, Vice-President, T F Producer’s Council.

Remake a Rajinikanth film or at least borrow its title, that seems to be success mantra right now. As for the actors, if they can’t be a superstar in real life, they might at least be his avtaar in reel life. Source: ibnlive