allows people in India to locate the best rated businesses and events in their community. Users can share their experience and learn from the experience of others, share view points and build a network of trusted friends.

NetSamooha is pleased to announce the beta launch of Netsamooha website at

NetSamooha is a Net based community that enables members to find highly rated Businesses, Services, Events and Products in their neighborhood. You can get recommendations from the community you live in and share your recommendations by writing reviews. Use “Word of Mouth” knowledge of the community to find the best deals.

NetSamooha users can invite friends to the site and build a trusted circle of users whose reviews they can depend on. User can have discussions in a Q&A format, write guides on what is happening down the street from where they live. Listings are searchable by each city and brings together the collective knowledge of the community. Want to know the best restaurant for Punjabi or Tandoori food for dinner? Want to find the best doctor close to you? Look no more. Find the NetSamooha community closest to you and start searching.

NetSamooha is free for businesses to list their services and drive more traffic to their establishment.

As the Indian economy is booming and people are moving around the country seeking new opportunities, NetSamooha will provide a way to new comers to a city to gain from the knowledge of others in the community.