• Kadhal 2 Kalyanam is directed by Milind who has been assisting Mani Ratnam in Kannathil Muthamittal, Ayitha Ezhuthu, Yuva and Guru.
  • Kadhal 2 Kalyanam launches Satya as the hero, who is the younger brother of the Tamil Actor Arya.
  • Divya Spandana who has featured in movies like Vaaranam Aayiram by Gautam Menon and Polladhavan by Vetrimaran is the female lead of Kadhal 2 Kalyanam.
  • The music of Kadhal 2 Kalyanam is by Yuvan Shankar Raja.
  • Yuvan has come up with spell binding music through songs of various feel and genre.
  • With Kadhal 2 Kalyanam, Yuvan’s hold on the younger generation is expected to reach further heights.
  • The film crew has shot all the six shrines of Lord Murugan (i.e.) the Arupadai Veedu as a part of the movie. It has been done after a period of more than 40 years in Tamil cinema. A lot of scenes with the cast have been shot in the Arupadai Temples along with the actual devotees.
  • The director has roped in famous veteran actors like S.N. Lakshmi, Mouli, Jayashree and Kasthuri apart from others which include John Vijay, Nagendra Prasad, Anuja Iyer and Alagam Perumal.
  • The dialogues are written by Milind and also by Baradwaj Rangan who is a famous film critic and has won the national award for the best film critic for the year 2006.
  • Mouli and S.N.Lakshmi provide support in a humorous way in the roles that they portray in this film.
  • Satya is portraying the role of an RJ is this film. With a mix of chocolate boy and boy-next-door image, he is expected to make an impact just like his celebrity elder brother Arya.
  • He was sent for training in Anupam Kher’s Acting Institute for the role of an RJ. He has also spent time in understanding the role of an RJ by sitting in Live Shows hosted by professional RJs at radio stations.
  • Divya Spandana carries the role of a financial planner in this film, who is a workaholic. With Divya’s experience and performance, her character will add the needed quotient and it will be a note worthy one.
  • Anuja Iyer who has earlier acted in Unnaipol Oruvan and Ninaithaale Inikkum plays an important role in this film.
  • Anuja Iyer has been given an interesting characterization based on friendship, spontaneity, joy and full of soul.
  • The importance and affinity towards radio and how it’s still wide spread is shown in this film through commoners, housewives, businessmen and others.
  • Love is between two people and marriage is between two families. This essential feature is dealt with in the plot.
  • A radio jockey booth was re-created by the art director Rajeevan as a colorful set in the heart of the city.
  • The RJs will have a new experience watching this movie while following the character portrayed by Satya.
  • The treatment of the couple in love is fresh, instant, realistic and moreover very practical so it’s going to be an instant connect with all people in love.
  • The family audience will connect to the various characters in the film as it portrays many characters right from the children to the elders in an enjoyable manner.
  • John Vijay comes as Divya’s uncle and will make his screen presence felt with his humor and mannerisms.
  • The bond between the girl’s family and the boy’s family and the problems that may arise out of it is shown as an important factor in marriage. Its lively, complicated and practical but with a modern outlook.
  • The characterization of Satya will be down-to-earth yet stylish, charming and energetic.
  • Divya, being a vibrant modern tamil woman, has to undergo a similar challenge through her character as faced by any lady in love; in handling people of different nature and from different generations.
  • Jayashree, the veteran actress, who has earlier acted in “Thendralay Yennai Thodu”, has made a comeback in this film with a good performance alongside Alagam Perumal and others.
  • The nuclear family and the joint family systems are both dealt along with their pros and cons.
  • After a long gap, Kasthuri has come back with a role filled with elegance and charm and she has carried it out well.
  • The film shows that both the guy and the girl in a relationship should take equal responsibility in convincing the respective families and their fiancé’s families as well. Either of them not co-coordinating properly could create chaos in their approach towards marriage.
  • The film has all the modern elements like catchy music, crisp dialogues, wonderful characterization and overall a family entertainer with a flavor of romantic comedy.
  • The last bachelor party in anybody’s life is a great moment to be remembered and the film has touched on that through the song Naa Vetta Pora Aadu .
  • It goes “Naa veta pora aadu, Yenna beer oothi kuzhipaatu Da….Yennai vettai aada vaaraa, Andha vettaikaari iva dhana da” and sung by Yuvan Shankar Raja. This song will turn out to be the trendsetter for bachelor parties in future.
  • It was shot in a farmhouse near Red Hills with both night and day effect. The dance was choreographed by dance master Robert.
  • The song Enakaaga Unakaaga “Enakaaga unakaaga ven nilavin saalaigal, Indha nimishathilay indha nodigalilay kidaiyadhu yellaigal, Hey manasu ku kudai neetadhay, Kanavuku suvar podathay” song is sung by Naresh Iyer and Andrea. It’s a lovely number and the outdoor night effect is beautifully captured in this song.
  • This song is written by Pa.Vijay and rest by Snehan.This song was choreographed by Brinda.
  • The dark nights of Chennai is shown in a peaceful and poetic way in this song making it more enjoyable.
  • Snehan’s lyrics in all the songs are exceptionally catchy and enjoyable.
  • The song Vellai Kodi “Vellai kodi vellai kodi etri vekka vaa…Pachai kodi pachai kodi nee eduthu vaa..Yudham edhuku podhum niruthu…Ahimsaiku vazhiyai neeyum vidu” is shot in Tiruchendur. It is sung by S.P.B.Charan.
  • This song was choreographed by Nagendra Prasad, who has also acted in the song.
  • The song Natpin Kadhaigalai is a dedicated song on friendship and it goes “Natpin kadhaigalai neengalum konjam kelunga, Naanga aaduna koothu ku panjam illainga..Oora pathi dhan yeppovum kavalai illainga, Buddhan Gandhiyai naangalum vazha villanga…” Its going to bring back the friendship memories of all the viewers.
  • The song Thedi Varuven “Varuvaen naan unnai thedi dhan, Varuvaen naan unnai thedi dhan” shows the pathos from the hero’s point of view and is rendered very well by Toshy. Its shows the hero in an empathetic way.
  • These two songs were choreographed by dance master Poppy who was a former assistant of Brindha master.
  • The song Idhu Kaadhalai Irundhidumo “Idhu kaadhalai irundhidumo..Nee kaytadhal sonnaen, kaykaadhadhai …Nee sonnadhal kaytaen, sollaadhadhai”  is a peppy number and the lyrics shows that it’s a romantic one. This song was choreographed by dance master Dinesh.
  • A marvellous set in the form of a Night Club was erected by the Art Director Rajeevan for this song in the AVM Studio premises.
  • A Bus was specially designed for the Arupadai tour with pleasant exteriors and interiors.
  • Editing is done by the new comer Leo John Paul who has earlier worked with Director Gautam Menon as an in-house Avid editor assisting Editor Antony.
  • Kadhal 2 Kalyanam is the first solo production by Mirchi Movies. Earlier Mirchi Movies co produced “Vellithirai” along with Prakash Raj.
  • Cinematography is by P.S.Vinodh who has earlier worked in movies like “Rhythm”  directed by Vasanth and recently in “Tees Maar Khan” by Farah Khan.
  • The Additional Cinematographer for this movie is Sakthi Saravanan who is a well known Cinematographer in tamil cinema.
  • There is a humorous characterization of a new twin kid pair in this movie and both have carried their roles well.

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Cast: Sathya, Divya, Jayashree
Direction: Milind Rau
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

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