The doctors, who were agitating since May 18 against the arrest of two doctor couples for alleged medical negligence, withdrew protests today following assurance that the police officers concerned will be transerred to other stations.
The decision was taken after talks between the doctors and Health Minister K K S S R Ramachandran and other officials, including Madurai Commissioner of Police A Subramanian and Deputy Commissioner Ramarajan.
It was decided that the police officers who carried out the arrest would be transferred for not following the Supreme Court guidelines while filing cases against the doctor couples and arresting them.
It was also agreed that a committee would investigate and find out whether there were lapses on the part of the doctor couples, who treated the boy and the woman at Madurai and Dindigul respectively.
It was also agreed to send a copy of the Supreme Court guidelines to all the police stations so that they were followed before taking any action against doctors in future, officials said.
A 35-year-old woman had died few days back after uterus removal operation at Vedasandhur in Dindigul district and a 7-year-old boy died in Madurai after receiving anaesthesia for a tonsil operation.
Following protests by the relatives of the woman and the boy, police had filed cases against the two doctor couples Balasubramaniam and Tamzihmani, Sivagurunathan and Vijayalakshmi and had arrested them.(Agencies)