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Kamal Hassan’s magnum opus Dasavatharam, slated for release on June 13, is expected to hit the screens with close to 1,000 prints in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Theatres in Chennai are betting heavily on the film with multiplexes screening as many as 45 shows a day across 21 theatres as opposed to Rajinikant’s Sivaji, which was released last year across 17 theatres.

That’s not all. The Rs 65-crore film is also concentrating on a wider release in non-southern markets, with about 60 prints being released. This is perhaps the largest release a regional film has witnessed. In fact, Sivaji, which released with about 40 prints for the non-Southern markets, was only released with 12 prints in its first week and was then gradually increased with an additional 28 prints in the second week.

However, distributors this time round have ensured a wide release in week one itself, with all multiplexes screening the film at peak time.

G Nambirajan of Arora Cinema, who is the distributor of the film for non-southern markets, told ET: “After Sivaji, the market scenario has changed. Earlier, Tamil films were only screened in select theatres, and that too only as a noon show. Sivaji showed us that there is a market for South Indian films as well, if the movie has a good star cast and is a big-budget film.”

Distributors are expecting to rake in about Rs 5 crore at the box office from these markets compared with Sivaji, which grossed about Rs 2.5-3 crore.

The other reason why Dasavatharam is expecting a good opening in non-traditional markets is the fact that Kamal Hassan is making a comeback after two years. That apart, the actor is also a well-known entity in the Hindi speaking markets.

PVR and Inox are releasing the movie with sub-titles across the country, and the Hindi dubbed version will be released after a few weeks.

“Non-southern markets have really opened up post-Sivaji. Sivaji was not sub-titled, but the film began the trend of a simultaneous release across India. Dasavatharam has taken the next step of actually releasing the film across India with sub-titles. Also, usually for a south Indian film, the trailers are not released in other markets.

However, in this case, the trailer was released well in advance with sub-titles. We are expecting the weekend to have a great opening like any other big film,” PVR Pictures CEO Aashish Saxena. Dasavatharam is also being released in celluloid prints and not just digital unlike Sivaji. In the international market, Global Movie Entertainment, who are distributing the movie, will be screening the film in New Jersey and New York metro areas, which include multiplex cinemas such as East Windsor, South Jersey, Newark Screen, North Jersey and Movie City, Central Jersey.

Dasavatharam will be the first South Indian film to be screened in the New Jersey and New York areas, with three Tamil and two Telugu prints. Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com

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