Chikku Bhukku

Choosing correct pairs.

The lead pair Aarya and Shriya is not new to the fraternity. Casting them was so fresh and lively as the script demanded stars with individual stardom coming together for the very first time, debutante starlet Preetika, Apparently she is the younger sister of bollywood star Amrita Rao. The draft of the film revolves around these three characters’. Their characterizations are portrayed so appealing, all the stars gel into their respective roles. I would consider my crew as greatest strength, casting of a script makes the fifty per of the film happen, Initially shaping up Aarya from his previous roles portrayed by him to a Next door boy look didn’t happen in a fraction, such as shreya who has been doing characters’ of colors fitted in perfectly for their characterizations. Aarya and Shriya shaped themselves into the draft and did everything possible for the characters. Aarya was such a positive person, he carried his role so sensibly, a prankster in real life, delivered his expressions so easily, all the actors lived into their characterizations. We also agree on arguments which happened on the sets, but all of it was only a creative process rather than destructive arguments. Aarya, Shriya, Preethika all three were so determined that they would take up rehearsals before every shots, on the process it paved wave to explore their characters’ through their acting.

The Director of Photography was R.B.Gurudhev the visualizer of Chikkubhukku. Gurudhev was no new to our team, My long association with R.B.Gurudhev (D.O.P) a former associate of Jeeva, has given a visual structure to my imaginations, with his uncompromising work in his earlier films like, Urchagam, Tn 07-al- 4777 and Yogi has brought him critical acclaims, indeed coming from a same school (Jeeva) we both share similar thought and he understands my approach towards framing a scene or a song. Guru’s senses of colors are always particular; he colors a frame depending on the mood and the phase of the scene in the draft. His brilliance in framing an artist moulds them into the roots of their character. A visual crafts men, has tuned my ideas into a visual story.

The music is done by Colonial Cousins Hari & lesle. Hariharan the legendary singer has once again composed for ChikkuBhukku, Am sure the inseparable pair would do justice to a romantic feel good film. They have scored feet taping numbers, which has an equal mixture of melody and rap. We have experimented on different voices for our tracks; especially recording with Wadali brothers the desi sensational singers of Punjab for the first time in a filmic score was amazing. We needed fresh and peppy voices for this romantic flick the singers have sung with no influence from the past work. All the numbers turned out to be experimental, two other rappers and singers have made their debutante song in the film, the music which inspired me from the past as an influence thought the film.


A romantic travelogue the film starts in London and ends in Karaikudi, Not only the film is based on a journey he process of making was itself an journey to many exotic locations. Scenic locales of Chikmangalore, Madikeri, Mandalpet, Kudremug of Karnataka, and splendorous locations in London. The shooting took place in around trendy areas of London, St, paul’s cathedral, westminister, Cannary warf, Piccadilly Circus etc and traditional houses of Karaikudi. We have shot in many hill stations where it was the first ever time a camera could be placed. The diversity between spectacular locations in London, Rain forests near exotic western Ghats in Karnataka and monumental Karaikudi would give a new look and grandeur to Chikku Bukku. Chikku Bhukku, a nostalgic clang of a train, is bound to give its viewers, a new Romantic Journey, which would be enjoyed by one and all.

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