Kamalini Mukharji said, My dream is to act as the role of Jhansi Rani and love films which will be shown in different views. I like all the stars from all the languages. In Hindi Amitabh, Shahrooq Khan, Tamil Kamal Hasan, Malayalam Mummutti, Telugu Mahesh Babu, Bengali Uttam Kumar. And heroines Madhri Dixit, Susmitha Sen, Jyothika, Trisha. I like more Trisha for her tumult. Getting fame at once by performing in all the languages is happiest one. For cinema there is no language, but the artists should be accurate in her performance. I do not like to be a frog in the well and stick to the circle.

If I perform in glamor roles immediately gossips took place saying that she knows only glamour roles. If I perform in the award films then it will be said I am unfit for glamour roles. Hence I decided not to stick to one single role and want to act all variety roles without damaging my image and I’m continuing same like. I will be clamorous with my family members by singing songs, playing etc. When there is no shooting I myself cook food and give sweet shock by serving said lovely Kamalini Mukharji.