Most expected film of this year Sivaji audio cassettes and C.D’s are been released all over the world. F.M radio’s have started to play Sivaji songs from yesterday, but Audio C.D’s are available only from today in Retails shops. Interestingly news is that, retails shop started selling Audio C.D & cassette from Morning 4.30 am, in the history of Kollywood cinema no Audio retail shops had worked in earlier hours, but Sivaji audio release turned everything upside down.
Many retail expressed there satisfaction about the quality and quantity of Audio, and the record breaking news is more than Forty thousand Audio Cassettes and C.D has been sold out (according to meta audio), in Chennai alone on opening day itself. Starting from children’s to Youth’s and old aged people are inspired on Sivaji’s music scored by A.R Rehman. Director Shankar seems very happy about the feed back, but the audio has created lot of speculation among the audience, we hope the film release will not turn our hope down.