Tamil Actor Superstar Rajnikanth is taking the UK by storm
Students in UK are working on a documentary on superstar Rajnikanth.

Superstar Rajnikanth popularity and influence over the Tamil audience defies logic and now after winning over fans in Japan, actor Rajnikanth is taking the UK by storm.

He is not the average Hollywood hero but that doesn’t stop students from London’s University of Arts from officially declaring themselves as fans of Tamil superstar Rajnikanth.

These students are working on a documentary on the South Indian phenomenon fondly called Rajni.

“I think the most fascinating thing about Rajnikanth is his appeal. He seems to appeal to both the young and the old,” says a student, Max Mortimer.

Jayanthi Aroldoss, a student at the University of Arts, is from Tirunelveli and she introduced her English friends to Rajnikanth’s films.

And it’s been more than an introduction for them. Now each one of them has their favourite from Thalaivar’s entertainers.

For cameraperson Robert Streeter “Muthu is a really good film” while Jayanthi’s all time favourite Rajnikanth movie is Thee.

And now this Rajnikanth fan club is all set to watch their favourite star’s forthcoming film Sivaji.

“I think it’s going to be really glossy. It’s going to be Asia’s biggest blockbuster,” says Jayanthi confidently.

Agreeing with Jayanthi, Robert says, “It sounds like a good film with lots of action and adventure. And to see him in his new outfits and his new look is very exciting.”

Well you don’t have to be from Tamil Nadu, or even from India to be a Rajnikanth fan, when it comes to Thalaivar his fan following simply goes beyond all boundaries.