Director Murali Abbas who gave us Ajith starrer ‘Rasi’, is back with a young love, its trials and tribulations. The story does seem like any other in Kollywood, but director Murali Abbas has managed to make it intresting and watchable.

The movie revolves around Sathya (Navdeep) who is berated by his father (Vijayakumar) and loved by his mother (Meera Krishna) and hangs around with his friends Guru (Abninay), Sathyan and others.

There is a sucession of girls whom he falls for namely – Anjali, Megha and Radhika (Suja, Sura Allambra and Madhumitha), but fate would have it all the girls claim they are only friends with him and not in love.

Solla Solla Innikum

There is also Anuradha (Mallika Kapoor) who comes into his life. When Madhumita falls in love with his friend Guru who takes her for a ride, Sathya will take every effort possible to unite Madhumita and Guru. Enter Bhadri Narayanan(Prakash Raj) who makes this difficult for Sathya.

Music by Bharadwaj is okay. But walking away with applause is cinematographer Arthur Wilson. The movie definitely keeps the audience engrossed.

Banner: M Cinema
Cast: Navdeep, Madhumitha, Mallika Kapoor, Prakash Raj, Ashish Vidyarthi, Santhanam, Abhinay
Direction: G Murali Appas
Music: Bharathwaj