Naan Avanillai (2007) is a high budget Tamil film directed by Selva. It is a remake of the yesteryear classic blockbuster. The thriller movie has Jeevan in the lead role and Sneha, Namitha, Malavika, Jyorthirmayi and Keerthi Chawla as his five heroines. This movie is creating great expectations in the industry because the film was a hit when it was originally made in 1974. Film’s shooting began in December and released in April, 2007.

K Balachander’s Nan Avanillai was considered a film much ahead of its time. In the remake era, it must have been a safe bet to give it a coloured coating. Hemmed in by five heroines, Jeevan has a whale of a time in the slickly directed version of Selvah. He has walked the tight rope with utmost care dishing out a trendy version.

Amidst films with the hero mouthing loads of punch dialogues and a gun in tow, the movie is indeed a pleasant surprise for this genre of audience. Continuing from where he left in Thiruttu Payalae, Jeevan fits the role to a T as a cool dude Casanova.

In allotting equal frames to the fivesome of Sneha, Malavika, Namitha, Keerthi Chawla and Jyothirmayee (each gets a song too), Selvah’s diligence deserves a pat. Even for the ones who had seen the original, the remake should make it interesting viewing thanks to the engrossing look of the projected version.

Annamalai (Jeevan) lands in jail on charges of cheating gullible women in the pretext of marrying them. For each of his victim, he has a different name, look and profession. He lures a model Priya (Malavika) to tie the knot with him and decamps with the load of money. His next target is Ammu Kutti (Jyothirmayee), convincing her of his ‘family’ connections with the Chief Minister of Kerala.

Radha (Keerthi Chawla), daughter of a staunch Krishna devotee, is sitting duck for the man of many avatars. Monika (Namitha), a rich entrepreneur, is Annamalai’s final victim. Anjali (Sneha), daughter of Judge (Lakshmi), who hears the case against Annamalai, develops a soft corner and does her mite to save him from the gallows.

The investigating police officer (Raj Kapoor) stumbles on the truth that Annamalai is none other than Joseph Fernandez, an intelligent student hooked to the bad ways for some easy pickings. It is the might against the wrong-doer but in the mind game Annamalai has enough wares to wriggle out of the spot each time.

Jeevan has come up trumps essaying the role with stunning perfection. When the girls – five in all – come up with the right expressions, the script has a smooth ride right down the wire.

U K Senthil Kumar’s camera and the crisp editing of Suresh Urs go well with the catchy tunes of Vijay Anthony. To beat the summer heat, you do not have to look elsewhere. Source: NewsToday

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