Realistic movie always pull at the heart strings of the audience and its always a treat when such a movie is handled as well as Angadi Theru. The movie title Angadi Theru which literally means market street is a perfect fit for the story of the film and revolves around the employees who work in a busy market street in urban Chennai and is produced by Ayngaran International.

A beautiful love story set in the midst of the exploitation of the workers in a well established store in Ranganathan Street in T.Nagar forms the core of the movie.

Jyothilingam(Mahesh) is a bright student in a village in Thirunelveli and is a topper in his plus 2 exam. Due to a twist of fate, his father dies in a accident and Jothilingam is forced to work to support his family. With the help of his friend Marimuthu he lands at the well established Senthil Murugan Store as a worker. The store chooses workers who are fatherless or orphans who will not cause too much noise if something is wrong in the store. The workers are bullied, screamed at, do not get good food or place to stay and still give in their best to the store from dawn to midnight.

Here Jyothilingam meets Kani(Anjali). Though the couple is initially at logger heads, they hit it off and their friendship later turns into love. The couple faces difficulties from the store supervisor supervisor Karungali and chooses to ive a life on the streets of Chennai when an accident happens. What happens next forms the climax of the story.

Kudos to director Vasathabalan for the excellent handling of the story. Mahesh and Anjali do their parts well. GV Prakash and Vijay Antony team up for the music.

On the whole Angadi Theru is a realistic delight!!

Cast : Mahesh, Anjali
Director : Vasanthabalan
Producer : Ayngaran International
Music : GV Prakash Kumar, Vijay Antony

Angadi Theru