Vijay TV’s Koffee with Anu Season 3 takes a dramatic opening from this December…

Glitz and glamour…Sugar and Spice forming to be the main ingredients in Koffee with Anu show on Vijay TV, has run across two successful seasons. South India’s most watched show – Koffee with Anu has not only had guests from the who’s who of Kollywood spill the beans but also the biggies from the field of music, politics, art and television industry being a part of this show.

Over 250 popular guests and successful 80 episodes in its first season; continuing with over 200 most famous guests and 60 episodes in its second, the show is noted for its fresh and witty appeal. The celebrities who have witnessed to the opening episodes of Season 1 was Nadiya and Suresh and the second season’s first episode guests were the charming Simran along with her husband Deepak.

The show brings together celebrities who are interviewed in the show’s trademark informal style. The show has many segments such as Koffee tarot, a rapid fire round in which a volley of questions are thrown at the celebrity who has to think of answers off the top of their heads sometimes with hilarious results. From Actors and renowned filmmakers, to playback singers, music composers, politicians, writers, artists, and many more have all featured in both the seasons of Vijay TV’s Koffee with Anu show. Guest stars from the previous seasons include entertainment heavyweights as A.R. Rahman, Politician Dayanidhi Maran, Writer Balakumaran, Lyricist Vairamuthu, Actors Surya, Vijay, Dhanush, Ariya, Nayanthara, Trisha, Meena, Sandhya, Pooja; popular music directors like Yuvan Shankar Raja, Harris Jeyaraj and yester year’s artists like Manoramma, Sachu, P. B. Srinivas, L. R. Easwari.., etc.

Anu Haasan is back to spill the beans with the favorite Kollywood stars on the Mr. White Koffee with Anu Season 3. The third season of Koffee is back in a fresh and with more aromatic flavor. With cozy cushions, bright set and a never-ending aroma of coffee beans, the third season would feature many new and unique segments that would thrill the viewers. The opening of Season 3 would appear in a very dramatic style, where Anu Haasan opens the show with a lively set of audience inside the studio. This season would highlight every celebrity’s uniqueness. Anu’s great charisma and spontaneity brings to light the side of the celebrities not known to the viewers.

The unsaid secrets and fantasies, secret passion, moment of truth, childhood memories, celebrity mock, dream’s come true, fan’s desire, favorite fan, Koffee tarot, Book of secrets, Flower segment, Fact files all this and lot more would be shared by the celebrities who come on the show of Mr. White Koffee with Anu Season 3.

Do not miss to watch one of South India’s most famous chat show, ‘Mr. White Koffee with Anu Season 3’ launching from December 06, 2009, and will air every Sunday 8pm on Vijay TV!

Koffee With Anu

Koffee With Anu