Cast: Ameer, Madhumitha, Snehan, Vincent Ashokan, Swathi
Direction: Subramaniam Siva
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Production: Team Work Production

The movie revovles around the plight of the underprivileged living in the slums of Chennai and how the events in their life turn them into gangsters even though some of them are good hearted people. Ameer who has given us movies like Paruthiveeran and Ram has donned the mantle of an actor and has let Subramaniam Siva direct him.

Yogi(Ameer) has been brought up in Chennai slums and he along with his four friends robs and murders for a living. After robbing a resturant one night Yogi escapes in a car and to his surprise finds a baby in the back seat of the car.

Yogi is unable to do any harm to the child and slowing develops a bond with the child. He finds Raja Sulochana (Madhumita) a young mother to help him take care of the baby. It is revealed Caroline (Swathi) is desperate to get her child back while her husband Linden (Vincent Asokan), who married her knowing well that the baby is not his, decides do away with the baby and kill it.

In Yogi’s past his father (Devaraj) a beggar, he has had a terrible childhood. His mother ending her life and sister beaten to death by his father on front of his eyes.

Will Yogi unite the baby with the mother forms the climax of the movie.

The movie seems to be inspired by Oscar winning Tsotsi movie and is changed to suit the Tamil audience. Ameer delivers his role well and the director has done a good job.