After the sucess of his movies like Chennai 600028 and Subramaniapuram, Hero Jai makes his another solo entry into mainstream cinema with Vamanan.  It is a good effort by the actor who is trying to make his presence felt in Kollywood. However the movie lacks intensity at several points especially the climax.

The one line story of the movie is about a video tape unintentionally records the death of a politician (Delhi Ganesh) by another Anbu (Sampath) and how people who are in possation of the video tape are killed.  A crew shooting for an Ad film in which Lakshmi Rai is the model loses control and accidentally tapes Delhi Ganesh being killed by Sampath. Unaware of this the Ad director and the model watch the video and inform the assistant Commissioner. However the commissinor is an aide of Sampath.

Vamanan Movie Photo Gallery

In the meantime, Jai a wannabe actor is in Chennai to make a name for himself. He meets Priya in a railway station and the couple accidentally witness the murder of the Ad director by Sampath. The video also lands with Priya. Jai falls in love with Priya and tries to woo her through her mother Urvashi. Finally Jai is framed for the murder of Pooja and how he proves himself innocent forms the climax of the story.

Jai in all fairness performs his role well, while Santhanam as Jai’s friend and Urvashi as Priya’s mother add to the comedy track. On the whole the movie is a one time watch.