Indira Vizha is a movie meant mainly for Namitha fans. Indira Vizha said to be a adaptation of English movie-Disclosure and its successful remake in Hindi-Aitraaz does not come even close in the department of a aesthetically executed script. Its mainly based on Namitha’s Oomph factor but its not only Namitha who adds to the cleavage and doubled edged dialogs. Ragasiya competes with her in both the departments.

The movie is about Kamini(Namitha) who meets Sridhar (Srikanth) during one of her modeling assignments. She joins a TV channel with the help of Srikanth. Both of them fall in love, but Namitha is not satisfied with what she has. She then aims for a bigger fish and marries, Nasser who is the head of the TV channel. Now Kamini wants the best of both worlds, the money that Nasser has to offer and her old love Srikanth.

But Sridhar who is a man of ideals does not fall prey to her intentions. A spurned Kamini accuses Sridhar of sexual harassment and files a case against him. How Sridhar defends himself forms the climax of the story. Vivek adds to the comedy department and newcomer Hema malini is good enough for her role.

Overall the movie is mainly focused on Namitha’s glamour and will be a treat only to her fans.

Banner: ANKK Movies
Cast: Srikanth, Namitha, Hema Malini, Nasser
Direction: K. Rajeshwar
Production: Ashok K Kothvani
Music: Yadhish