What happens when a common man is pushed beyond his tolerance limit for all the acts of terrorism happening in our country. Unnai Pol Oruvan (Someone Like You) is the Tamil remake of the Hindi classic A Wednesday and is directed by debutant Chakri Toleti.

Right from the first scene in the movie Unnai Pol Oruvan promises to be the edge-of-the-seat action-thriller where the story revolves around an anonymous individual (Kamal Hassan) making a call to the Commissioner of Police (Mohan Lal) and warning him that there will be explosions from six bombs in the city if his demand for the release of four terorrists is not met.

Even thought the commissioner takes the threat lightly at first, he soon understands the seriousness of the situation and forms a team to tackle the situation. What follows will keep the audiance intruged till the end.

The music and background score for UPO by Shruthi Haasan is commendable. Director Chakri come out flying colors in his first attempt. Most of all it’s the performances of the two principal actors that holds “A Wednesday” together.

On the whole Unnai Pol Oruvan gives us the peek into the power of a comman man.

Cast and Crew:
Direction: Chakri Toleti
Production: Kamal Haasan, Ronnie Screwvala
Screenplay: Kamal Haasan
Starring: Kamal Haasan, Mohanlal, Ganesh Venkatraman, Anuja Iyer
Music: Shruti Haasan

Unnai Pol Oruvan