TOPS-SECUREGATE’s revolutionary TriGateTM to be the game changer in the Indian Home Land Security domain

Unique Israeli security management system promises to deliver end-to-end project management solutions

Chennai, January 29, 2010: TOPS-SECUREGATE, a strategic joint venture between India’s largest and most preferred security solutions brand TOPSGRUP and the Israeli security specialist company, Secure Gate, has unveiled TriGateTM in India. TriGateTM is a unique proprietary system for intelligence mapping and identification of the real threats and loop-holes in protecting assets, infrastructure and sites. It also enables security planning and real-time monitoring. Recently announced, TOPSSECUREGATE is a 51:49 percent JV with TOPSGRUP as the majority partner. The JV is expected to yield a turnover of INR 7,050 million over a 5-year period.

TriGateTM was launched by Mr. Offer Einav, CEO TOPS-SECUREGATE in the presence of Mr. Niraj Bijlani, President and Owner, Guarding Group, TOPSGRUP with a 3-D simulation demo during a Press Meet in Chennai.

The most advanced and first-of-its-kind system in the security management arena, TriGateTM enables Homeland security agencies, government entities, corporate, public utilities and large infrastructure project managers to deploy customised cutting-edge security solutions. TriGateTM is based on proven Israeli security methodologies and has intelligent 3-D mapping and simulation engine specially modified to the Indian market requirements. The system enables TOPS-SECUREGATE to develop, design and implement, accurate and quantified risk assessments, ‘tailor-made’ security solutions and modular implementations based on a ‘priorities program’.

Announcing the launch of TriGateTM, Mr. Offer Einav, CEO, TOPS-SECUREGATE said, “TriGateTMdelivers the most advanced and comprehensive solutions for any security program. Offering a ground-breaking approach to security management, it is the only system that seamlessly enables all phases of security management starting from assessment of threats and vulnerabilities, and the planning of security solutions to finally real-time monitoring, incident management, training and debriefing. TriGateTM as a platform has been successfully implemented in the USA, Europe, Central Asia and Israel and we are proud to bring this platform to India as this will change the way security industry will function in the future.”

TriGateTM enables the challenging task of integrating the major components of a holistic security system, which include Technology, Human Resources and Plans & Procedures, in one integrated system. It has been developed keeping Indian market in sight. “On one hand, the Indian market is very technology-oriented, while on the other hand, it is very price-sensitive. The system takes into consideration these main two factors, among others, and promises to surpass market expectations,” he further elaborated.

Emphasizing on how the system will benefit the Indian security market, Mr. Niraj Bijlani, President and Owner – Guarding Group, TOPSGRUP said, “With TriGateTM, the customers will get one seamless system from the first stage of their security management project till its implementation and beyond. This opposed to the current scenario which comprises of separate security systems for each particular task within the security project. Plus, being a modular system, it can be scaled up as per customer requirements.”

“We foresee a huge demand for TriGateTM system for various security management projects across industries like hotel security, security of critical infrastructure & high-value targets, emergency response & crisis management, public transportation security, maritime security, police training, airline and airport security training, amongst others. We are confident that TriGateTM will enable a paradigm shift in the security environment of India, towards a more secure and safe India,” he added, elucidating TOPS-SECUREGATE’s plans for the Indian market.


TOPSSECUREGATE is a 51:49 percent JV between TOPSGRUP and SECUREGATE. With a stake of 51%, TOPSGRUP is the majority partner. The JV is expected to yield a turnover of INR 7,050 million over the 5-year period. TOPS-SECUREGATE leverages the infrastructure of TOPSGRUP and SECURE GATE’s unique holistic security solutions. Among them are TVRA© (Threat identification, Vulnerability evaluation and Risk Analysis) methodology, TriGateTM, a proprietary system for intelligence mapping and identification of the real threats and loop-holes in protecting assets, infrastructures and sites.

TOPS-SECUREGATE brings to India the Israeli holistic security approach, vast know-how, proven methodologies and practices, and advanced technologies, which enables the company to provide comprehensive solutions to its customer’s needs. The solutions include – Security solutions consultancy, risk assessment and security audits, preparation of security programs, planning and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) including protocols, procedures and implementation, advanced security technologies & equipments, security master plans, security training to corporate sector and to various entities of the government  including the homeland security agencies.


TOPSGRUP is an ISO 9001:2008 certified conglomerate of 11 companies and 1 specialized division offering Total Security Solutions™ to over 8,000 clients in India and United Kingdom. TOPSGRUP’s holistic range of Enterprise Risk Management Solutions include Manned Guarding, Investigations, Electronic Security Integration, Cash Management, Facility Management, Advanced Training & Consultancy and Emergency Response Services like TOPSLINE 1252 and Tops Air Rescue.

TOPSGRUP is India’s largest security group and undisputedly, the most preferred security brand in the country, employing around 90,000 trained and motivated multicultural employees. With an ambitious organic and inorganic growth plan, TOPSGRUP is poised to spread its operations to China, South East Asia, Middle East and the Americas in the coming years and is confident of being ranked amongst the top 10 global security leaders in the coming years.

TOPSGRUP is networked through 116 offices across the globe with its global headquarters in the financial capital of the world, London.