Meenakshi looks to be a welcome addition to the list of heroines making a beeline to Kollywood. She played the lady love of Karan with a refreshing degree of freedom in Karuppasamy Kuthagaikarar which had a decent opening.  A native of Bengal – Pinky Saran is the original name – Meenakshi had her academics and a short stint with amateur theater in Kolkata before moving over to Mumbai to try her luck.
She did get an opening but she was clear in her priority when the dates clashed with her examinations.

Meenakshi got the Tamil offer thanks to the sentiments and the desired luck seemingly brought in by the Mumbai imports. Happy with the audience response to Karuppusamy…, Meenakshi’s long-term goal is to emulate the home talent Rani Mukherjee. She is a great fan of Rani, ‘astonished at the range and versatile ways of the screen charmer.’

Having watched all of famed director Rituparno Ghosh’s movies, Meenakshi would like to be part of offbeat and commercial films. ‘I am basically a fun-loving person and would be happy to find new meanings in every film.’ Nursing ambitions to play challenging roles including that of a physically-challenged person or a dual role, she says, ‘I did not see language as a barrier during the shoot.

I understood the meaning of the dialogues from my director and did a few rehearsals before getting ready for the shot.’ Meenakshi wants to do her best for society. ‘I would love to be in the profession for a considerable time. Name, fame and money will go a long way to do my mite for the street children. I have some plans but these are early days to disclose.’

Not averse to glamour, Meenakshi is perturbed the way glamour is portrayed in Bengali mirch masala movies. ‘In sharp contrast, it is colourful, vibrant and dignified in Tamil filmdom.’ Preferring to ‘wait and watch’ instead of picking the roll of offers seems to a smart career move of Meenakshi. Source: NewsToday