Day before yesterday was a Sivaratri for residents of Vedavalli Nagar in Saligramam and the cops of Virugambakkam, due to the clashes between Vadivelu and Vijayakanth supporters.

The house of Vijayakanth’ sister Thirumala is located at the junction of Kaveri St and Vedavalli Nagar St. Thirumala’s husband Muthuraman is a lawyer in the High Court. He was ailing for a while and hospitalized, but passed away day before yesterday.

So, Vijayakanth’s manager Satish and many DMDK supporters gathered in front of Muthuraman’s house. The vehicles they arrived in were parked all over the road.


Actor Vadivelu’s office happens to be located across Muthuraman’s house. When he arrived at his office with friends at 10pm, he saw the cars parked outside his office and voiced his displeasure. It is said those present informed him of the demise of Muthuraman but Vadivelu paid no heed and continued to throw tantrums to remove the cars.

So heated arguments ensued between both groups. At one point, a group headed by Satish went to the Virugambakkam police station and complained that Vadivelu was using abusive language and threatening them. Vadivelu gave a return complaint that DMDK supporters used bad language and broke his office window panes. To find out who was telling the truth, police questioned both parties last evening.

This hero and comedian clash has created bad blood in Virugambakkam.