Portrays himself like Saviour of humane character!

Son chased the Mom out?

That article came in a leading weekly journal. It was the interview given by the Mother of the R.Parthiban, who projects himself as the savior of the humane character. There are 2 sons for her. After the loss of their father, she only has taken care of them in a good manner.

There are 2 sons for her, named Parthiban and Babu. Out of them, no one knows the whereabouts of Babu. No one knows whether Babu is even alive or not? In this situation, years have passed after Parthiban has chased his Mother out of the house. Without disclosing the truth that she is the Mother of so and so, she has stayed in many places. In a stage, she stayed in an Orphanage also. She says-“I would catch many buses to meet him in his office. They will convey the message that Sir is busy and send me back without letting me to meet him”. This Grandmother has lots of desires to meet her grandchildren. She is not able to succeed in that desire also. My son would do each and everything differently. It seems that he behaves like that differently in my issue also.

Seetha, who is presently away from Parthiban, is taking care of her in a separate house. She only provides cash for her monthly expenses. When the relation between Seetha and Parthiban is itself broken, her humane character of taking care of her Ex-Mother-in-law is definitely a matter of appreciation.

At the same time, we can write a book about the kindness of Parthiban, the Saviour of Humane nature. In a fitting manner, that only should be named as “Kirukkalgal”! Source: tamilcinema.com