Shalini pregnant.  Junior Shalini or Junior Ajith
Shalini pregnant

Shalini and Ajith are said to have taken their married life to the next level. A bundle of joy is soon going to be an integral part in the life of this lovely cople

Yes, the news is out. Shalini is in family way and she is expecting her first baby in 6 months.

It’s Shalini’s 4 th month. Thala Ajith in Malaysia for Billa shooting.

Shalini did the scan and after the confirmation from the doctor she informed to Ajith. So Ajith came to Chennai. But unfortunately he has to finish the shooting. So he went back to Malaysia in the same evening.

Ajith must certainly be the happiest man on earth at this moment and why not, every man who knows that he is going to be father for the first time will be. Everyone get ready to wish Thala and his sweetheart Shalini the very best as they prepare to bring their first child into their lives. News has just come in that Shalini is expecting and we take utmost pleasure in being able to break this news to all the fans of Ajith.

This is undoubtedly the best moment in the happy married life of one of the most celebrated star couples in Kollywood. Their relationship is said to be made of the stuff that fairy tales are usually made of. We hope that the birth of their child will add more happiness into their lives.

The entire family is reportedly just short of jumping for joy ever since they received this news. Shalini has been asked by her doctor to take care of herself and not to carry on with her badminton, quite normal. We, along with all well wishers of Ajith whole heartedly congratulate the couple. As for Ajith, well becoming a dad is just great, it also brings with new responsibilities including more time to be spent with family. We are sure that Ajith is already planning out all this. All the best, Junior Thala is set to arrive.