Nokia imaging devices in the spotlight

Most people don’t carry their digital camera in the pocket all the time, but they tend to take their mobile device with them everywhere. This is where Nokia’s high-quality imaging devices come in. Always in a pocket or handbag, they are never very far away when those spontaneous photo opportunities take place. Capturing, sharing, storing and printing high quality images and video is quick and easy while on the go.

See the bigger picture

Spearheading Nokia’s imaging range is the Nokia N86 8MP, which won the prestigious TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) Award for the Best MobileImaging Device in 2009. The Nokia N86 8MP uniquely comes with a large variable aperture to help get better pictures in super-bright or low light conditions. Coupled with a significantly improved dual-LED flash, the brightest in the portfolio, pictures taken in low light will appear brighter, for example an image of a band on stage at a gig. When capturing buildings, landscapes or wide group shots, the 28mm wide-angle lens produces stunning wide vistas which are printable up to poster size. The Nokia N86 8MP also has a fast mechanical shutter which when combined with Nokia’s new Automatic Motion Blur Reduction (AMBR) reduces motion blur when taking pictures of fast-moving objects, like the bull running in Pamplona or a day at the races.

Imaging in numbers

Imagesharing across the Internet is popular with 30 per cent of those who access a social network on their handset doing so to upload photos (source: ABI Research):

  • 40 million new photosare uploaded to Facebook every day which equates to about 2,000 photos every second (source: or 850 million photos a month (source:
  • A mixture of 3 million photos and videosare added to Flickr daily –90 million a month –30 per cent of which are tagged (source:
  • 1 million peopleupload and share their photos to Twitter via its photo-sharing service TweetPhoto (source:
  • 65,000 videosare uploaded to YouTube each day (


Lights… camera… mobile

Imagine being able to capture your own memories with technology used to obtain images from alien worlds and to create cinematic history. Thanks to the ongoing collaboration between Nokia, the global leader in mobility, and Carl Zeiss, a world leader in optics, you can take advantage of the same high-quality optical lenses used by the NASA to discover and capture the moon landscapes and for the filming of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Many of the Nokia Nseries devices, as well as the Nokia 6220 classic and Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, are equipped with a special lens which corresponds to the classic Carl Zeiss four-element Tessar. The special features of this lens include its high definition, low chromatic aberration and high speed of f/2.9 –despite its small size. Mobile photographers can expect sharper image contrast, truer color saturation and professional-quality images every time. The lens’ focal length of 5.5 mm offers a very universal moderate wide angle perspective, comparable to a 35 mm lens for SLR cameras. The optical system reproduces the captured scene with maximum precision on a 2952 x 1994 pixel micro sensor.

Furthermore, several of the latest Nokia devices also support geotagging. With this technique, photos are tagged with geographic metadata, making it possible to view the capture location of the image on a map either on the Internet or on the device itself. This allows users to save their photos not only according to the date, but also according to the relevant place they were taken which makes sharing them with others on the Internet even more compelling.

More than 100 cine lenses from Carl Zeiss were among the tools of the movie makers who filmed the trilogy “Lord of the Rings”, the first part of which was awarded four Oscars by the Academy of Motion Pictures in Hollywood in March 2002. One Oscar was presented for the best camera which resulted in the fantastic pictures shot with ZEISS lenses.

The two companies have collaborated since 2005 and have brought the design expertise and stringent quality requirements of Carl Zeiss to Nokia’s product creation process for high-end camera devices. As a result of the collaboration, consumers are able to capture, share, store and print better quality images with Nokia’s flagship imaging devices. The outstanding scientific expertise from Carl Zeiss in camera optics and the industry-leading position of Nokia in the mobile phone market offer a solid foundation for the cooperation.

Using the camera on your Nokia handset brings you closer to perfect images with Carl Zeiss quality optical technology. Images you can share with the world.

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