The ‘hidden’ one, a treasured jewel hidden from view and tucked away in the cellar of the building, is presented as an outstanding independent Greek Cypriot restaurant proudly brought to you by Vipin and Willi of Tuscan fame.

At Kryptos by Willi, we bring to you a world of reminiscent of Greek temples, of marbled columns and ancient culture, of a land that brought us Aphrodite the Goddess of love, Dionysus the God of Wine and Parties, the God Apollo, Chennai’s own place of healing but also Hades, the God of hell! Together with Cyprus, the island where Aphrodite is called its own, an island where cultures mix and the ancient stream of travelers resulted in a fusion and confusion of foods and flavours, we present a taste of the Greek with a little bit of the East, of Kababs and  souvlakis, of gyros and of aubergines, of cheeses and of olive oils. Mostly we present Meze, the extensive range of dishes for eating with family and friends while sipping a beverage or your favourite fruit juice and enjoy the company, the laughter, the fun, and the friendship that sharing a meal with those you love can bring you. We specialize in Meze, Kababs, in the Gyro and in the Baklava, and we specialize in hospitality, great service and making this restaurant part of your daily lives where we ­are also part of your extended family. Sit back, enjoy and let us keep Aphrodites in our minds as we spread love and cheer to our neighbours and friends!

For Reservations call 4503 8001

No. 24, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 34.
In the basement of YAFA Tower building.

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