Tamil Cinema Corporation’s Idhayam Thiraiyarangam

Casting hero is a common middle class family man whose profession is a car mechanic in a small company. The utmost wish of his parents is to build a house for their only kid without any mortgage. The hero also adjusts his life accordingly to their wish to be fulfilled.
Feminine villain is well defined whose profession as a gunda and a known money lender in the city. In the greedy villains life she very madly believes horoscopes and vital poojas, henceforth she literally showers her daughter with money everyday thinking she gets richer by doing so. Therefore the villain deems her only daughter maha as her lucky charm, so she loves her daughter limitless and protect her with utmost care selfishly. The heroine maha is a dazzling, bubbly and a soft girl unlike to her mother. Heroine Maha and hero Kumar accidentally met each other through a golden pen incident, which later budded as a beautiful love. Besides the hero believes his moms wish and dreams are worthier to be fulfilled first than his own desires in his life. In between the heroine’s mom get to know about what is happening and gets angry over the hero for interfering in her daughter’s life. From this time forth what are the issues and incidents happened in Kumar’s life whilst fulfilling his parents dream and the barriers he faced raised by the villain is the soul part of this script.
Hard work, Trust in God,, Horoscopes, how these three topics are getting confused by the people in the society is the base, which is clearly illustrated through means of love, comedy cum action movie “Idhayam Thiraiyarangam”

Highlights :

• Commercial script .
• New hero and heroine is introduced for Tamil film Industry.
• Throughout the film well acted and entertaining young comedian pair.
• Entire script shot location in and around chennai city.
• Two songs shot in Theni and Bodi flower field, Maduarai district.
• Movie album sung by current leading playback singers in the industry.
• Climax shot in “Thiruthani temple” for the first time with special permission after 20years.
• Experienced technicians crew showed their full effort in this film.

Director profile:

Worked as associate directior to a famous director S.A. Chandrasekar &
A.Venkatesh more than 20 films .


Technical crew:

Story, Screenplay, Dialague,
Art & Direction : Ramki Ramakrishnan

Cinemotographer : N.Ravi
Music : Mariyamanogar
Editing : S.J.Shabu
Stuntmaster : Jaquvar thangam
Lyrics : Viveka,Muthu vijayan and SAC Raamkhi.
Singers : Shoba Chandrasekar,Anuradha sriram
Madhumitha,Jayammoorthy, Ramya
P.R.O : Nikil Murugan
Designs : Pradeepraj
Production : Tamil Cinema Corporation
Lab : Gemini
Postproduction : Bharani studios


Hero : Ananad
Heroine: Swetha (meeravudan krishna,Kamban kazhagam)
Comedy: Kadhal Sugumar,
2nd Heroine: valenteena (vinnaithandi varuvaya)
Villy : kavitha
Villain: Gajini rajesh
Hero father: K.Rajan
Hero mother: Anjali
others : Balasingh
Contact details : Director Ramki 9176636882

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