Is your regular supplier irregular in getting you pirated VCD or DVD copies of the latest movies? Don’t you think that owning a disc for Rs.30 works out cheaper than getting one on a rent of Rs.20 a day?

If the answer for the above questions is `yes,’ then you are one of the smarter `movie’ buffs. And if you fear police action, you need not worry at all. The Government Chithirai exhibition is the right place to buy the discs of all latest movies of your choice. Be it Cheran’s `Mayakannadi’, Bharath’s `Koodal Nagar’ or Karthik’s `Paruthi Veeran.’

Pirated versions of all these movies are selling like hot cakes at one of the stalls. One can spot this `world of CDs’ to the right as he or she enters the exhibition.

If you are not courageous enough and still fear punitive action – which can be imprisonment under the Goondas Act – the huge crowd there should embolden you. Neither those buying the CDs nor those four to five salesmen show any sign of doing an “illegal business transaction.” This shop also breaks the common opinion that visiting an exhibition leaves a hole in the pocket. For it helps even the most frugal consumer.

Three movies for Rs.30. Is it not worth buying a disc containing three latest Tamil movies, for just Rs.30? “You can choose one movie, two or three movies in one disc”, explains a teenaged boy to those who are not familiar with discs. Though the shop sells discs containing cartoons, English films, audio discs, the movie section is the one that gets the maximum attention from potential buyers, both men and women.

Not only the packaging of the discs, but also the quality of picture is good enough to match the original discs, which are yet to hit the market. “We will be here all the 40 days. You can come any time,” says the boy. “Any way, please get a visiting card from him,” the boy points at a fellow salesman to an eager customer, who wants to know as to where these stuff can be bought after the exhibition closes down. Source : TheHindu