Looks like the first couple of Kollywood didnt wait for long before starting a family. Actress Jyotika is said to be in the family way and the baby is due in August. The actress, who is consulting the same gynaecologist who treated Aishwarya Dhanush, has been going for regular check-ups and is said to be in good health. Jyotika and Aishwarya are good friends, so its not surprising they share a doctor. Sources say that she and Suriya were very keen on starting a family as soon as possible, which is why the couple didnt wait for too long after the wedding.

In fact, Suriya even announced at the press meet held after the wedding that she would be winding up her film commitments soon and she would not continue to act in films. The entire family is being tight-lipped about the development, and sources say the reason for this is because they are superstitious about making the announcement while shes in her first trimester. However, most people close to her have noticed the special glow and are looking forward to more news of the new arrival.