Its always a pleasure to watch the feel good movies. These movies can be watched along with the family when everyone is out to have a good time with smiles on their faces.

Debutante director Chaplin promises and delivers exactly that with ‘Udhayan’. He has crafted a movie which is a perfect blend of romance and comedy with a suspense element that keeps us glued to the storyline. This combined together with the excellent acting of Arulnidhi, Praneetha, Santhanam and Ashish Vidyarthy gives us a movie that is a winner.

The story is about Vasanth (Arulnidhi) an assistant manager in ICICI Bank who has a heart of gold. He meets Priya (Pranitha) and its love at first sight. Vasanth’s life is perfect with a good job, a jovial friend (Santhanam) and the loving Priya. Ashish Vidyarthy along with a bunch of goons is searching for a person to bump off. When Ashish’s goons see Vasanth they are shocked. In a series of flashbacks we learn that the perfect life of Vasanth has a few suspense turns which he has to overcome in order to set everything right again.

Udhayan Reivew

Arulnidhi has made a excellent transition from a village youth to a city bread trendsetter. Praneetha also delivers and is face to look out for as a future of Kollywood. Aashish Vidyarthi delivers a perfect role.

Manikanth Kadri who is Kannada film has delivered some excellent tunes. Vijay Milton has delivered attractive visuals and the songs are a treat to both the eyes and the ears.

On the whole Udhayan is stylish family entertainer which delivers what it promises.

Director : Chaplin
Writer : Chaplin
Producer : Prabhakaran
Starring : Arulnithi,Praneetha, Ashish Vidyarthy, Santhanam
Music : Manikanth Kadri
Cinematography : S. D. Vijay Milton
Editing : Te. Kishore