Superstar fans, June 15 is the new date to watch out for. ‘Sivaji’ producer M.S. Guhan from AVM Studios said the release of the highly anticipated Rajinikanth film is being postponed due to some “technical difficulties and other small issues.” He said to ease the pressure on them, AVM Studios decided to push the release date yet again.

Recently, the producers had sent a press release stating the film would release on May 31. The new date seems to be final, as Mr. Guhan said AVM Studios has also released advertisements in newspapers. The film was given a `U’ certification by the Censor Board on Thursday with a few visual and dialogue cuts, said Mr. Guhan. It was screened for the censor board officials at an AVM preview theatre. Asked if this was a security measure against piracy, he said AVM theatre was a regular rental facility approved by the Board. However, AVM was taking various precautions against piracy including tight security at labs. “Once we start printing, the copies will be in our custody until release date,” he said. He said they only opened business for the film on May 17, as they did not want to start selling their product before things were finalised. Source: TheHindu