An opulent bus has been manufactured just for the sake of Rajini starrer ‘Sivaji’ costing a few lakhs. A beautiful glass mansion was built at Hyderabad’s Ramoji Rao Film City. A duet of Rajini and Shriya was shot in it. Filming of Sivaji has reached its final stages and the movie should be ready for release soon. Shooting was completed in many countries like Spain, America and a host of other places. After that, the glass was dismantled carefully and sold. This way AVM recovered a few lakhs of its original investment.

They also bought a bus and spent several lakhs making it a luxury coach. It comes as a character itself in the film and AVM plans to sell off this one too.

A bus with all the latest facilities consisting of four rooms, medical amenities, mini theatre and video conferencing services was specially formulated for Sivaji. In the film, Rajini’s family members have been shot dead by the villain clan who also shoots Rajini but he gets rescued by his dear friend Raghuvaran. Rajini’s adversaries may smell a rat in the event of him being taken to a hospital and may hatch a fresh plan to thwart him. Hence Raghuvaran engages this bus and treats him with the help of a doctor.

If the bus remains stationed in one place, it is sure to raise doubts among the opposite gang. Hence the bus is said to be constantly in motion around the city. Meanwhile the villain group is convinced that Rajini is dead while he is actually convalescing in the bus, hatching a plan to eliminate the villain gang. As per the storyline Rajini is a rich industrialist and hence hiring of such a luxurious bus does not seem out of place. Now the bus in question is supposedly in Hyderabad which is expected to be auctioned after the release of the film.

In the film, villains kill Rajini’s family. Rajini is also wounded by a gunshot. Raghuvaran saves him. If he is taken to the hospital, the villains would harm him, so a fully equipped bus is brought for Rajini to be given medical attention as the bus is being driven around Chennai. It looks like an ordinary bus outside but inside it has a fully equipped operation room, conference hall, toilet facilities etc. Since the van is rather hi-tech, it won’t be surprising if it fetches a fabulous amount.