‘Super Star’ Rajinikanth and ‘Mega’ directory Shankar have performed special poojas and holy yagam at his ‘Poes Garden’ house to protect his latest tamil film Shivaji from the evil forces.

Rajini feels insecure after the latest happenings at the Shivaji party hosted recently. It was at the time of Baba’s release that Rajini’s guru Sachidhananda Maharaaj Baba died. Actually Rajini had thought that Guru Baba will be pleased to see his film Baba. But before the film’s release, Sachidhananda Baba passed away due to cardiac arrest, so Rajni was pretty upset, and subsequently the film went back to the black box soon after its release. Now the worrying factor is, the person who died at the Shivaji get-together function also had the name Sachidhananda. So Rajini is pretty confused about the situation and he feels that the time is not suitable for the film’s release.

To avoid any further unwanted things to happen before the release of Shivaji, Rajini has performed these poojas in his house. Sources say that the director of the film, Shankar, also attended this pooja. At the same time, Rajni has shaved off his mustache, claiming that he has finished his part in Shivaji. The director, Shankar, is busy with its post-production work and it may also get finished soon.