Actress Pooja turned down Billa director Vishnuvardhan’s offer to act in his movie because her role required for her to wear a swimsuit. Pooja has become one of Kollywood’s prominent actresses after scoring a big hit with Madhavan starrer Thambi. After being seen in Thambi, the actress disappeared from Kollywood and was seen in no other film after it.

Pooja herself said that she had gone for a long vacation to her country of origin Srilanka for a holiday. But some people allege that the actress has some Sinhala films to complete – which is why she went to Srilanka. The same sources alleged that she returned to Chennai after finishing with her Sinhala film commitments.

Some of the Tamil Film Industry press saw her in Chennai and questioned her. She disclosed to them the reason why she refused Billa 2007. She said that the director of the film, Vishnuvardhan, had told her that her role in the film would require her to wear a swimsuit- the main reason why she refused it. She said that she is not for doing such scenes.

She asked the press not to make a big issue out her refusal of Billa and make it out to the result of a fallout between her and the director.