Naan Kadavul’s team was in a fix when Bhavana finally got herself dropped from this taxing movie. Kollywood was all too eager wanting to know who will be Bala’s next choice. The director’s hunt finally ended when he identified his heroine in Parvathy.

For those who are wondering about her standing as an actress, she was the lead lady of the Malayalam hit movie – Notebook.
It is a known fact in the industry circles that Bala will impose strict conditions on his movie stars regarding call sheet, make-up etc. Looks like Parvathy has been hankering around just to enter the Tamil film industry to agree to all those terms and conditions and to be a part of the controversial Naan Kadavul.

Meanwhile, ‘Karuppasamy Kuthagaithaarar’ girl Meenakshi will consider herself a shade unlucky to have missed out on the opportunity. Bala is said to have considered her too, before zeroing in on his final choice.