After the complements from Vedika, actor Simbu has received lots of accolades from Namitha, the sex symbol of Kollywood. Namitha has no fear or hesitation in acting with Simbu or any other actor for that matter. She said that Simbu is one of the most talented actors and directors in Tamil Cinema. She speaks her heart out at the thanks giving party of her latest hit film Naan Avanillai.

Excerpts from the interview:
Did you think Naan Avanillai would become a hit when you signed it?
I thought that the film Naan Avanillai would become a hit movie because I had seen the original version before sign the film. But the outcome is very excellent and the result is also like the same. I enjoyed my character in this film particularly. It is so majestic and has lot of scope for glamour and acting.

What are your forthcoming projects in Tamil?
I’m doing five Tamil films at present. My next movie will be with Vijay and the project has already rocked the media. I’m doing a movie titled Billa with Ajith. I’m very proud to be part with the megastars of Tamil Vijay and Ajith simultaneously. My important project is the film Captain with Simbu. In that film I’m doing the role of her lead lady. There is another heroine also in the film. But Simbu told that my role is the prominent one in the script. When I was in the discussion with Simbu for this film, he strictly told me not to reveal anybody about the story or any other names of the technician.

Are you feeling uncomfortable acting with Simbu?
No… certainly not. In fact I’m very convenient to every hero and nobody could make any complaint about my co-operation and performance! I never had any fear or inconvenience in acting against the talented young artist. Actually Simbu asked me for his previous films Manmadhan and Vallavan but I didn’t have any scope to perform in those roles. There were merely item numbers. But in n, Simbu offered me a role more important than the heroine. But at the same time I never reject the offeCaptairs from my close friends circle to perform in item songs. If Rajini sir film needs an item number with me, I would never say ‘No’ to that golden opportunity.

Don’t you feel bore doing glamour roles continuously?
No… Never! Cinema is a world of glamour. I know the expectations of viewers from an actress like me. I’m not in the age of thirties. This is the right time to demonstrate the external beauty to the viewers. It is my duty to fulfill the expectations of a fan as much as possible.

What is your motive behind the launch of ‘Namitha Fan club’?
I just launched my Fan Club to co-ordinate with my fans and give economic support to the poor among them. I thought that there is nothing wrong in my motive. Many have a thought that I would mingle with any party along with my fans. No… I never thought that way. Source: TamilStar